In 2005 The Justus Company expands into Carmel, Indiana, building the upscale Westwood Estates followed by Liberty Row Townhomes in 2008.

In 2010 two new companies, Freedom Home Health & Hospice and Freedom Senior Services, are formed to better serve the medical and personal needs of senior residents.

In 2013 The Justus Company is rebranded as The Justus Family of Companies.

In 2015 The Bridgewater Apartments are built on the Westfield/Carmel, Indiana border, offering residents the perfect blend of luxury, lifestyle and location.

In 2015 development and construction began on Woodland Terrace (the newest brand of senior living communities) in both Carmel and New Palestine, Indiana.

In 1997 Wyndham Hall is built, offering income-based senior apartments to the city’s east side.


In the mid-80s, The Justus Company developed a 100-acre parcel called Wellington, where they built apartments and pioneered the condo concept.

Just as Walter E. Justus had mentored his son Wally, now it was Wally’s turn to mentor his son Walt (who was named after his grandfather). In 1987, young Walt Justus became the fourth generation president of the company.

Wally Justus grew the company by adding commercial and retail development to the portfolio as well as expanding all levels of operations.

In 1973 The Justus Company built the first Marriot Hotel in Indiana on the east side of Indianapolis.

The Justus Contracting Company changed the name to The Justus Company.

In 1962 Walter E. Justus developed and built the company’s most innovative concept, Crestwood Village Senior Community. Walter recognized a need for quality senior housing and the senior members of his church had been asking “why don’t you build something for us?”  They leased the first three Crestwood buildings as fast as they could build them!

In 1967 Walter E. Justus retired and his son Walter G. “Wally” Justus became president of the company.


The Justus Contracting Company was growing rapidly and they acquired tremendous amounts of land, some of which became commercial. They were even selected to construct homes for Better Homes & Gardens.

In 1941 Guy Justus was killed in an auto accident and his son Walter E. Justus took over as president.

1945 World War II ended and service men coming out of the war needed housing. The Justus Contracting Company seized this opportunity and developed the land by putting in sidewalks and streets and building almost every home from 10th Street to 16th St. and from Emerson Ave. to Ritter Ave. on Indy’s east side.

Operations quickly expanded and Guy Justus purchased a small warehouse, barn and other buildings to house his growing business. But tragedy struck and he lost his barns, horses and equipment during the Great Depression and then once again from an enormous fire.

The legacy began in 1910 when Indiana visionary, Guy Justus, started a homebuilding company on the east side of Indianapolis based on his principles of quality, integrity and value. He named it The Justus Contracting Company.